: What's the most important thing that you've learned about running a sanctioning body, owning and running one? Has it been what you expected?

JS: Well, that's also kind of a trick question because I don't run a sanctioning body. Bob Harris really does. Bob Harris and Bobbi in the office, they handle all the day-to-day business and we still farm for a living and do everything we've always done. So does Bob call me and I have suggestions along with the other owners? Yes, and we're involved in a lot of the financial decisions. But all in all, it's more or less Bob and the employees doing a wonderful job running the association, not really the owners.

But that being said, everything is about like I envisioned it. Everybody's got a positive attitude. Everybody's stepped up to help support it. And everybody knows it's a family atmosphere out here and it's a good place to race and we're just proud that everybody is supporting us and we want to keep growing together and try to have an organization, like I said seven months ago, that we can all be proud of three years down the road.

: Has anything surprised you, though, about starting up an organization and being involved in it whereas before you were just showing up and racing?

JS: Well, there's always a few surprises. There's a lot of little things you don't think about that pop up that you really never thought about. One thing is we're having to brand a new name. PDRA was new in January, so we have to brand a new name. It takes a few years to do that. And whether you do ticket distribution or sell tickets or whatever, you have a new name. Nobody's ever heard of it, the average person. And you have to brand that name and you have to grow a fan base. So we're in the process of doing that. That's been a little bit of a learning curve on the marketing and promotional end.

And we've had decent crowds at all the events, but we would like to have bigger crowds and better, and we're going to continue to grow and do a better job with that. So other than that, everything has went along pretty smooth. Races have been good, tracks have been good, the Traction Twins (Cale and Cody Crispe) do a great job and we're just blessed to be out here racing.

: Did the ownership group set a budget at the beginning and say this is how much we're putting in and that's it, or are you guys in a position where you’re having to add to the money pot with each race? How much can you say about the way things work financially?

JS: Well, one thing, we never said we're putting this much in and that's it. Because it doesn't matter what it takes, we're going to put it in because that's what we signed up for. And I think that's what makes us different than some of the other organizations. But that being said, everything's pretty much on budget this year. We knew this was going to be a growing year and a learning year. And everything's pretty close to budgeted.

We got four more races, well, this one and three more, and obviously we'd love to make every one of them bigger and better. So that's what we're doing right now. We're concentrating on making the last half of the season better than the first half of the season, and then from there we just got to grow sponsors and look at ways to better market and promote our race and bring revenue in different ways like that.