: What's the motivation for you and your partners stepping in to start a professional eighth-mile drag racing series?

Jason Scruggs: Well, obviously, we feel like that there's a big need for an organization like this. I think that we need somewhere to race that's professional and nice and run correctly. And more than that is all the sponsors need to sell product and it's kind of a ripple effect. So we just felt like that we're just trying to fill the void that was left out there between the two organizations last year competing, hurt both of them in the long run. Neither one of them made it. And we felt like we needed to bring some credibility back and hopefully grow this series as big or bigger than any other series there's ever been.

: Is it also because you and your PDRA partners needed somewhere to race your cars, personally?

JS: Well, we got used to racing at this national event level on a very good race track and stuff, and obviously we enjoy racing this way. But that being said, we got places to race. They have races every weekend around home. There are no rules. It's just run what you brung. And some of the tracks are actually pretty good. Montgomery Motorsports Park is pretty good. Huntsville is pretty good now. There's a lot of tracks. Holly Springs is pretty good. So there's places to race. That's not the only reason.

But I do think that we got involved and done this for so long that we did feel like we got spoiled at being at the good race tracks, nice facilities, and we felt like it was a void that needed filling. And it's not just us. It's these other 200, 300 people out here, depending on what part of the country you go to, what want a place to run their cars. So we felt like a lot of them had been built the last 10 years for the other sanctioning bodies and we just felt like that it was something that needed done and we already had the track equipment.

But it's kind of a trick question because it's not just about the owners and (PDRA director) Bob Harris and all of us. This is a team effort. All the sponsors stepped up this year to help us, and all these racers. Like I said, it's almost 200 cars here at Virginia. So I guess it goes to show you that it's like a family out here and everybody pitches in. Everybody does what they can to support it. So it's really not just about the owners. Now, financially, yeah, we're going to make sure that all the bills get paid and hopefully we're going to try to help it grow. But we're not any more important than anybody else out here.