Cruz drives the “California Charger” AA Funny Car  (DRO file photo)

: Are you still doing your sprint-car team at all?

CP: No. I really had to set that part of my life aside. I made a decision: In order for me to be the best I can be, the most I can have for a hobby is to have a car similar to what I already race. And that would be a nostalgia Funny Car, because dirt racing and oval-track racing is such a different mindset that I thought, 'I don’t have enough time in the day or my brain can't function properly if I have to do that.' I gracefully bowed out, and I miss it, but it’s something I don’t even think about.

: And that's a shame, because you really liked it. But I'm sure it pleases your pal Tony Stewart, because he doesn't have to worry about your car out there against his.

CP: Exactly. I have my daughter now, and I have a beautiful nostalgia Funny Car I race whenever I feel like it. So I'm good with it.

: The last question – and I'm going on record as asking this under protest – is: Boxers or briefs?

CP: Oh, boxers. Briefs are like butt-huggers, right?

: You’re asking a chick. I don’t know!