: So you're saying you've pretty much received no tech support from Ford the entire time you've raced a Ford Pro Stock car?

LM: Not at all. The day Brian Wolfe left and they ran [Ford engine engineer] Mose Nowland out of the program, that was the end of it.  

: So you’re in a Ford only because you're resigned to a "that's what I've got right now" reality?

LM: I've spent $3 million on it and I can't change over. To be honest with you, I think they're the best parts. It was going to be the best stuff out there. And they just put the brakes on the program.  

: A lot of people have expressed interest in seeing a competitive Ford in the Pro Stock class. But it looks like it might be a long time before we see one, given Ford's announced exit from professional drag racing.

LM: Our bodies are not as good as what they could be. People say, "You get money from Ford." I said, "Let me tell you something – let me explain this: I couldn’t get a sparkplug from Ford if I needed it. I converted my car over this year to a 2013. It took four months to get headlights and taillights from them. When I raced for Dodge, Lou Patane was the head of the program [vice president of motorsports operations for Dodge]. We were out of valve covers, he sent a Chrysler truck to my shop with them. That's the kind of support the manufacturers ought to do to make something look good for them. As Ford goes, they couldn’t care less about whether I've got a valve cover.

If anything's going to happen with Ford for me, I've got to make it happen. When I got some modifications to the front of the car, I'm the one who made that happen. They didn’t have anything to do with it. When we changed the front end, I'm the guy who made that happen. I'm the one who paid for that with a little help from J.R. Carr. Without that, there wouldn’t be any new stuff. They're going to help us out with a new body so Tri-Star can make a new body for the 2015 Mustangs. But Ford doesn’t want to do anything with it. If we go out there and do good, they'll be the first ones there to be happy about it.       

: So any publicity Ford gets in connection with Larry Morgan Racing is pure gratuity from you or luck on their part, right?

LM: That's the only way they get it. I get fans every race, at least 200 fans, who want to know what I'm going to do and why Ford doesn’t support me. I almost want to say, "Listen, I've got the guy's phone number. Why don't you call him personally and ask him why?" I don’t want to aggravate the guy, because it's not his fault that he doesn't like drag racing. Apparently it doesn’t appeal to him, and he's in a position where he says where the money goes.

: You can't make a guy like something he doesn’t like, I suppose.

LM: I can't make him like it. He likes that road race [stuff]. I don't have anything against that. But I can tell you this much: Had I been put in charge of a program to take care of all motorsports, I would have made sure every one of them was taken care of. We need the Ford. I tried to sell 'em over the winter. I couldn't even sell 'em.

:  You couldn't unload your Fords?

LM: I talked to Roger Allen [General Motors Drag Racing Program Manager]. I said, "Hey, we need to do something." He goes, "I need you right where you’re at." I go, "What do you mean – in the poorhouse?" He said, "No. We need a Ford out here." I said, "I wish the hell you could convince the guys in charge at Ford of that." He said, "I do, too. But we need you in a Ford." I said, "Believe me, I like where I'm at. I just can't get any support. If I want to do anything, I can't do it. It's all on my own and it’s breaking my back." I said, "I need you to put me in a Chevy and help me out here."  He said, "I need you right where you’re at." And I said, "But I'm dying over here."

They need the parity. Before long, if you don’t have but one brand, it’s not good for anybody. It's like winning – you can't have one guy win every race. Any guy you like out there – you can't have him win every race, because before long you’re going to hate drag racing. Like John Force, we all love John Force. Drag racing wouldn’t be where it’s at without John Force. But he can't go out there and win every race, because before long, people will quit coming. They will hate drag racing and drag racing will be gone. And there'll be a tombstone with "John Force" on it.