: It seems like MAVTV would be the no-brainer deal if MAVTV were in more households, if more cable providers carried MAVTV.

LM: They would receive it if they thought it was going to be a good show. Suppose a new show came out and you liked it and you heard about it. You’re going to watch that show. You don’t give a darn what channel it's on. You’re going to figure out how to get it if it's something you like. 

: You're going to demand from your cable provider that it starts carrying MAVTV.

LM: I can tell you that TV's a big thing to sponsors, and if you don’t have TV, you’re not going to have a sponsor. I'm not sure -- and you can quote me on this – what motorsports would do without Forrest Lucas. I'm not saying just drag racing. (And in NHRA drag racing . . .) Look at the Lucas Oil Sportsman Series -- What would they do if they didn’t have him? He could spend his money wherever he wants. What would they do without him? I don’t think they'd know. I don’t think they'd care.   

: People don't understand – Forrest Lucas is nice, but he's a businessman. He's not going to throw money at just a proposal. He's not stupid.

LM: He's not stupid. He wouldn’t be where he was at if he was stupid. And you can't fix that.

(Ron Lewis photo)

: Hahaha. We'll get to that in a minute.

LM: You know, I really love him and Charlotte. They’re good people. You know what I really like about him? I went to the Hall of Fame deal with him. [Lucas was inducted into the International Drag Racing Hall of Fame at Gainesville, Fla., last month.] And I was so impressed with him. You know why? He was just being him. He didn't put on any fronts. He didn’t have to put on any fronts. That guy was just Forrest Lucas. That's just hard to do anymore. People can't be themselves. And that guy can, and he's going to be. That's what I love about that guy. He could be talking to the President of the United States or the guy who's cleaning the s---houses, and they both get treated the same. That's what I like.

:  Let's talk about Ford. What's the status of you and Ford? When Ford leaves its Funny Car and Top Fuel connections at the end of the year, what will your relationship be?

LM: They don’t do anything for me anyhow. See, that's what everybody doesn’t know. The day that Jamie Allison took it over -- he has zero use for drag racing. He personally doesn’t have any use for what we do, I think pretty much in all of drag racing. It's sad, but ... I don’t know about Dan Davis [who preceded Allison]. I never knew Dan. I had a few little conversations with him. I think that Brian Wolfe really tried to make something happen. [Wolfe was Director of Ford North America Motorsports and remains with the automaker as the London-based Director of Powertrain Engineering – Europe.] And it would have been good. It was just never followed through with.

And then the sanctioning body did a few things I think Jamie didn't like, and he just said to hell with it, that's he's not going drag racing – and he's not. As far as my deal goes ... I changed over from Dodge. They came to me and I helped them engineer a motor, because there was none in our class. And they were all good for it. I told them I would change over if they were going to make the program good, and they said they would. And before I did a burnout – and this is the truth --  before I did a burnout with the Ford, Brian Wolfe got moved to a different spot in the company. And guess what? The guy they put in charge has no use for drag racing. So before I did a burnout, there was no more support. How about that? Now how do you think I feel?