: The Las Vegas crowd was notoriously low. Especially Friday, the stands and the pits felt empty of people and cars.

LM: I think that NHRA wants to structure their program where it costs too much for those people to come. And I'm talking about all the manufacturers. This is the first time in the history of drag racing that Tim Hyatt wasn't there with his service rig. He's got a trailer. He services clutches and sells Weld wheels and stuff like that. He couldn't afford to make the trip out, because he doesn't get a lot of business out there. That's not good.

When we first started racing, there was so much of that [practice] it was unreal. It's gone now. It's all gone. I'm worried that our racing is going downhill because of a lot of that. Half of their manufacturers weren't there. We rely on those manufacturers when we’re at the races. So they're not there. The fan base was horrible. It wasn’t what I'm used to.

: Vendors have to give 20 percent off the top to NHRA. That's a huge commission just for the privilege of standing out there and hawking your wares – especially from people who have spent most of their money just getting through the gates. A reasonable percentage is just the cost of doing business in a high-traffic area. 

LM: I agree but you take 20 percent of something when you have something. The problem is people aren’t coming. And we as a whole – the NHRA, the racers – we've got to bring something to the fans to make them want to come and spend the money. We're doing a piss-poor job of it, I must say. And I don’t know how to fix it.

: Greed seems to be a factor.

LM: They're proud of the fact that they're NHRA. And I am, too. That's drag racing, as far as we're concerned. The problem is everybody got cut back. They have to cut back somehow, too. We've got to do something to draw more fans in. We'll all do what we have to do to do it. We're driving competitors out by the cost of what we’re doing. We're driving fans out by the cost of what it costs to come and so this, when they all took cuts in pay and the cost of living went up. We've got to make it cheaper for the fans or they're not going to come.

: The IndyCar series, and more and more these days, NASCAR is experiencing the same problems.

LM: Absolutely. Motorsports is in trouble, and I hate that.

: In drag racing you can make better money competing in bracket races.        

LM: Absolutely. Sure.