Interview conducted by Susan Wade, Photos by Ron Lewis, James Drew and Jeff Burk, Lead photo by James Drew, Illustration by Matt Schramel

When certain people speak, the crowd listens. Pro Stock veteran Larry Morgan, owner-driver of the Lucas Oil Ford, is one of those individuals. He’s not afraid to tell the truth -- at least his educated truth -- and own it in public. He’ll tell the NHRA where the hog ran through the hole in the fence . . . but he’ll help the sanctioning body chase it down and corral it so the show isn't ruined. In other words, Morgan is a team player, but he points out shortcomings in order to make the product as perfect as it can be. But after investing about $1 million a year into his operation and winding up in the red repeatedly, he has earned the right to voice his concerns.

Sometimes his ideas are scorned, sometimes ignored, and his situation isn't ideal. But he can think of nowhere else he’d rather be than in the NHRA swirl that’s equal parts fun and frustration. 

Morgan took time before the NHRA 4-Wide Nationals at Charlotte to visit with DRO to discuss the warped business model that the sport has developed, who needs to take responsibility for that, which individuals he admires in the sport, how the NHRA can slice costs, his relationship with the Ford Motor Company, import cars in the Pro Stock class, and the status of the amusing “Can’t Fix Stupid” campaign that the sanctioning body squashed.