: This is legal as per the NHRA Heritage Series rules…

SA: Yes. The rules state that the bore center has to be original stock Chevrolet bore centers, which it is. It has to have the original stock Chevrolet bolt pattern in the block, which it does. Those are the two major requirements.

: Why do you think people haven’t run these? Because Ariases are popular in tractor-pulling and a number of different series.

SA: There’s history. This motor was built to put hemi heads on a Chevrolet block. They barely got this going and then they (Arias) built the larger motor that they built their own block and heads for. When they did that, that was their race engine and they went totally in that direction and kind of drifted away from this.

This is not the motor that is in the tractor pulls. Tractor-pull motors and billet motors are all 10-liter motors. It’s a much later block. It’s a cast block. This thing here would be hard to get 500 cubic inches out of. The other motor can be 650. It (the 10-liter) is a bigger block, bigger bore spacing, the camshaft bolts in the valley instead of in the crankcase like this one does.

This is actually a Century block — the big-block Chevy, cast Century block. It’s an aluminum block like a Donovan.

: So you could put big-block Chevy heads on this?

SA: Yes.

: That’s one of the requirements… you have to be able to put a Chevy gasket on these heads?

SA: Yes.

: You’re just wily enough or crazy enough to try this?

SA: Yes, all of the above.

Video of this interview can be found at YouTube.