: Have you seen the Snake & Mongoose movie yet? If so, what do you think of it?

DP: A movie must first entertain audiences with a good story people will care about. Any movie that relies on a small niche fanbase and is produced on a low budget and directed by novices is likely to struggle at the box office in a very competitive market.

: So, tell us as briefly as you can about the movie you want to make and how the project is coming.

DP: I want to sit in a dark theater, with a lot of people, and watch front-engine Top Fuel dragsters racing at night, four-foot header flames, smoking tires down track and zooming across an 80-foot screen.

I want audiences to feel they are at the track next to fuelers executing intense fire burnouts. I want the sounds of 100% nitro cackling to pierce their eardrums in 5.1 surround sound. (Free earplugs with every ticket.) I want audiences to feel parachutes pop and Hemi-engines wind down with slicks bouncing to the shut-off area.

I want viewers to feel drag racing. It's 1969, muscle cars pound city streets and diggers tear up tracks. I want to grab viewers by the throat and not let go, as media critic Don Prieto once described our videos.

NITRO WARRIORS, Made in America, is a warmhearted story of an American family at the peak of the muscle car era with action supplied by nitro slingshots. Kids getting killed while inventing a motorsport in the era of the Great American Pop Car Culture. We have the best team assembled to make it happen including Big Daddy in a featured role. Turn-key ready to cast and shoot, presently looking to partner with an investor.

: Finally, Dean, if there is anything left to say, here is your chance.

DP: I want to thank all the people involved with Main Event Entertainment. Producing movies, like videos, is a collaborative effort. It is our subjects, the racers and families, and stand-up track owners like Vinnie and Richard Napp, Broadway Bob, Mike Lewis, that believed in what we were doing and supported us in that effort.

Footnote: The last time I saw Harvey Palash was at a SEMA press conference 11 years ago when Tom Compton and his new regime took over NHRA. Was this an opening with a new regime? I remained friendly and respectful of Harvey even though he was my nemesis.

After all the speeches were over, Harvey comes over to me and wants to personally introduce me to Tom. He did. And I felt it was his mea culpa for the way he treated me all those years. He says to Compton, and I'm not paraphrasing because his words are indelibly etched in my mind, word for word: "This is Dean Papadeas of Main Event. He never stole anything from us and is the most qualified to direct your TV shows!"

You coulda knocked me over with a feather. Of course Tom blew me off -- some things never change. But it was sure nice to hear Harvey say that. It almost made everything right. True story.