:But they didn’t pay you?

KN: They didn’t pay me. All the way up to the day I left, I was promised my money and promised my money, but it never came, it never came. At the very least I had gotten the $289,000 wire. I was prepared to cut my losses and be done with the whole thing.

Then I get a letter from Tim McAmis through Woods Oviatt Gilman, that law firm in New York, I get a letter basically saying – and Jessica got the same letter ‘cause she was still under contract for $120,000 a year as was Jeff Fortune. I had three people who were running the ADRL making $120,000 a year: myself, Jessica Alcoke and Jeff Fortune. I was paying them equal to what I was paying myself.

So, over the course of the next week or two, we both get certified letters basically saying our contracts – forget about getting a new contract – our contract with Al-Anabi Racing USA has been voided, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and something to the effect that money is missing. Now when he kept saying $300,000 I could only figure he was referring to the money that had been wired to me. Like I somehow had to pay that money back because I didn’t work for them anymore or something to that effect. As it turned out, what he was talking about was, after going through the books at the end of the year – the books were taken from us in November and instead of closing it out with our accountant and Jessica and sitting down with an actual accountant and doing the taxes and all the normal stuff, Tim McAmis had taken all the books… he had literally sent someone from his office to come to my office in O’Fallon (Missouri). Then they ended up changing the locks (on my office doors).

There was so much that went on during that timeframe it would blow your mind. Maybe sometime I’ll write a book; it’ll be much too long for this interview. Suffice to say that Tim McAmis had weaseled his way in and taken over the ADRL. There’s no other way to put it, that’s a fact.

At that point McAmis began accusing us of stealing money from the ADRL races in 2010.

:OK, let’s deal with that. What happened? Why would they think that you were taking money if they looked at the books?

KN: Because the cash deposits, starting with the Virginia race, the cash deposits for the parking from the events were given directly to KH [Khalid] per his instructions. When Jeff Fortune walked into the motor home - my motor home at the time that KH was using at the events - and handed me the settle-up along with all the forms and everything from the Virginia event, KH asked me what it was, what did Jeff just give me. I told him what it was, I showed him what it was. He basically just said, “From now on that money is left with me and I’ll have Don Greenbaum take care of it.” And that was the end of it.

:That was when?

KN: The Dinwiddie, Virginia, event July of 2010. At that point, after the events Khalid got the money. Undeniably. Period.

:So that money, going forward, did not show up in the ADRL race cash deposits?

KN: No.