:Is that significant?

KN: I think it is because I think a lot of what was going on was because of that. Things weren’t being handled. Regardless of what his state of mind was at that point, Sheikh Khalid, even though Tim, myself, Kay, and Sheikh Khalid had all agreed this is what was going to be done. Everything was agreed to.

I get on a plane – and Tim would have known exactly when the flight was leaving as he had taken the flight himself several times. It wasn’t a coincidence that I am an hour or two into the air when that email comes. Had that email come before I got onto the flight, I’m telling you with 150% certainty that I would never have gotten on the plane. Not in a million years.

So I get to Qatar, I get to my hotel, the Holiday Villa. I set up my computer to do some business because I’m still running the American Drag Racing League. Back home we’ve got the PRI Show coming up, we’ve got a lot of things going on. I open my email and I see the email from Tim McAmis and it’s red-lined. Basically, everything that we had agreed to had been changed. I was going to be the announcer for the ADRL, my pay was going to stay the same, but there were going to be a lot of changes in the way the ADRL was run. They were going to charge fans for tickets, they were going to charge the racers entry fees… all this crazy sh*t.

:OK. This is still during the 2010 season?

KN: I fulfill my obligation [in Qatar] – for which, to this day I have not been paid. Prior to this I was getting $10,000 a race for Jessica and I to run the Arabian Drag Racing League races. That was the number we negotiated. Those moneys, although it was offered for me to be paid in cash, were wired to my account in the U.S. and I paid taxes on those moneys.

When we get back and I open the email, Jess is very upset and starts packing our clothes, saying, Let’s just buy our own plane tickets and get the hell out of here and be done with all this. These people’s word is not good. Let’s just be done with all this.

Obviously, that would be very difficult for me to do. After attempting to contact him several times by telephone I went down and confronted Tim McAmis in the lobby of the Holiday Villa and told him what a chicken-sh*t he was, what a chicken-sh*t thing this was for him to do. Of course, it never came to blows.

Mustafa Atat confronted me, saying you can’t talk to him like that because he runs the ADRL now and he’s too close to the Sheikh and you can’t… And I’m like, “You know what, Mo? F*ck him. F*ck you.”

And Jess finally speaks up and says, “Well, at least Kenny has the balls to say it to Tim’s face instead of going behind his back doing all this.”

[When we negotiated the original agreement] They sat down at the tent. Jess was sitting across the room of this tent of the Sheikh’s as the four of us were talking. I didn’t go behind anyone’s back; I did this and I looked all of them in the eye and we all shook hands. We all agreed it was done.

:So this was when?

KN: December 2010.

:So basically, you had been fired as president of the American Drag Racing League and hired as the announcer?

KN: Kay told me I would still be paid the same -- $700,000 plus; he was drafting the contract. We agreed  -- so as not to ruffle any feathers or create any big problem in the drag racing industry with the PRI Show coming up and sponsorships being renewed -- that I would step down as president, which, if you go back and read the press release that was drafted by Kay that I ultimately agreed to, that I would be named Director of International Motorsports or whatever it was for Al-Anabi.

I was enticed by two things: 1) It was a huge dollar amount and 2) I was just fed up with the whole thing.

But understand, I was not under any circumstances going back to work for the American Drag Racing League. At that point I told Sheikh Khalid point blank, “I will work for you, I will work for the Arabian Drag Racing League, but I will not have anything to do with the American Drag Racing League being run by Tim McAmis, or how it’s being run, not as an announcer or in any capacity.”

:So when did you get the formal announcement that you were no longer employed?

KN: I still had a contract in place with Al-Anabi Racing USA to make 120 grand a year that was going to be replaced by the new contract that I was promised every day along with so much else. So at that point, at the very least I was making 120,000 a year and was able to pay my bills. My paycheck didn’t come for one of the two pay periods in February 2011 and the Tuesday we got back from Qatar – and I questioned it, I questioned the fact that I hadn’t been paid for any of those races in Qatar that winter like I had been the previous winter. And the reason they gave me, even though Sheikh Khalid and I knew exactly what the deal was, the reason I was given was that I was an employee of Al-Anabi Racing and those were just part of my duties. To be clear, flying over there and putting on separate races – those were not part of my duties. Everybody, Bubba Corzine, everybody was being compensated for their time over there.