:Whom did you mean “you guys”?

KN: Meaning Al-Anabi. Tim being involved on some level with them. Tim told me he had some money in an account that were for deposits on cars or parts or whatever the case may be and he would wire that money to my bank.  I believe the amount Tim ended up sending was several thousand dollars. It may have been as much as $60,000 to get things sort of caught up a little bit. The Ennis event went on as planned.

At that point Puvanesan Kay flew to St. Louis after the Ennis event and started negotiating what we were going to do for the next year, because I told him point blank, “I’m not running the company like this next year. Either all the money is in the bank going into the season or I’m done.”

:This would be when?

KN: October 2010. I was instructed to come to Qatar around Thanksgiving of 2010 as we were getting ready for the Arabian Drag Racing League season. The Sheikh wanted me to come early so we could get all of this resolved. Keep in mind that he had made several promises to me. I was leasing a home at the time that I either had to opt out of the lease and pay a $50,000 penalty or buy the home from the gentleman I was leasing from. That was supposed to happen in July because I was supposed to have gotten my moneys from Sheikh Khalid based on the Tom Compton rate. Even though on the books I was being paid $120,000 a year, that money was supposed to increase. Every month I was promised that it would go up, it’s going to go up. It never went up. By this point I was 300 to 400 thousand behind on what I was supposed to be paid for 2010.

I waited over there [Qatar] and didn’t get to see him. I remember at Thanksgiving specifically missing my family, being so far away and being so frustrated and him not showing up. I waited at this villa where he had Thanksgiving dinner for Howard Moon’s crew and Frank Manzo’s crew. Alex Hosler and JR Todd were there. There was so much going on, it was just crazy. Yet the ADRL... All these cars were being built and all these things… You know, it was like we’re buying more elephants and we’re hiring more clowns and we’re doing all this but we’re not paying for the (ADRL) circus tent.

:Did you ever get to meet with the SheIkh on that trip?

KN: Eventually, yes. My level of frustration had hit a peak. I told Mo -- Mustafa Atat – [close friend of the Sheikh] at that time that I was going home the following day. This was about 7 o’clock in the evening in Qatar. And wouldn’t you know it, Sheikh Khalid shows up at the track in this Maybach (Mercedes).  He and I get in his Maybach and drive to the other end of the track. He says, “What’s going on? Mo says you’re leaving. Tell me what’s the matter? What’s happening?”

And I’m like, “Khalid, for the love of God. You know what’s gone on the last few months.” And I can’t say for sure that this wasn’t the case; I can’t say that Khalid didn’t know whether or not Don Greenbaum or Kay or anybody else was not taking care of the obligations. I don’t know. I can’t honestly tell that. What I can tell you is if it’s supposed to be taken care of, it’s supposed to be taken care of.

Khalid called Abdullah Hassiba on his phone. Hassiba handled a lot of money for the Qatar Racing Club. He (Khalid) asked me point blank how much money I needed and I said, “Well, I need everything you’ve committed to me.”

The figure was north of $400,000 that he was behind at that point. He said, “I’ll have Abdullah wire you $300,000 right now. You’ll have it in your account by tomorrow.”

It happened but as usual the payment was short. It wasn’t the full 300,000 it was $289,000. I have no idea why it was 289,000 but that was the amount that it was.

:What happened next?

KN: We finished that race at the Qatar Racing Club. That evening, before leaving to go home to take care of my obligations, to get the home squared away, to purchase the home, and do those things and to take care of some family obligations, I met with Sheikh Khalid, Tim McAmis and Puvanesan Kay. Puvanesan Kay drafted a document that we all agreed to prior to me leaving of what my roles and duties would be. Tim was going to start doing some of the accounting stateside for the American Drag Racing League. That I was all for because I don’t give a sh*t about handling the books for the thing. Because prior to Khalid getting involved, Dave Wood’s office at AMS Staff Leasing handled all the books for the ADRL, so we didn’t have to do any of this.

OK, so we all agree. One of the things I asked everybody sitting there to agree to was: Tim, you don’t talk to Khalid, I don’t talk to Khalid, I don’t talk to Tim, Tim don’t talk to me, Kay, you don’t talk to Tim. If we’re going to discuss American Drag Racing League business, we all discuss it together, realizing the Sheikh wasn’t always going to be involved in these conversation, but at the end of the day, there were three people on this agreement.

If anything, Kay, who had a law firm, Aequitas, Tim McAmis, and Kenny Nowling made an agreement outlining what all our obligations would be, who reported to whom, the hole nine yards. We went through the whole thing and agreed to it line by line including a couple of employee terminations for cause that I wanted.

All of that was agreed to [in the agreement signed by Kay, McAmis, and Nowling]. The two employees were to be fired, my salary was to be what it was agreed to, the ADRL’s budget would be paid in advance. All of this was agreed to in a Word document drafted by Puvanesan Kay. The following Sunday my family and I went to Indy to see the Cowboys play and then came home.  Tuesday we went to Heartland Bank, closed the deal on the house, tied up some loose ends. Then Tuesday evening or Wednesday – I can’t remember which – we were on a plane back to Qatar.

About an hour or two after getting on that plane I received an email from Tim McAmis that was basically a ‘red line’ [cross out] of what we had all agreed to. Apparently, on Sunday while I was in Indianapolis, he had gone to Sheikh Khalid’s house. Sheikh Khalid wasn’t always in a correct frame of mind during that time. I knew when he was and when he wasn’t, and he wasn’t more than he was during 2010.