The top three place getters at the “Night of Fire” will be taking home these unique “Rocket” trophies.

: Well, that’s about it unless you have something else you’d like to say.

GC: It’s not about me it’s about the Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car Series.

: Well, you are the ringmaster.

GC: So far.

: Well, that is your vision and that’s what has come out of it?

GC: It’s not really a concept, it’s just about what we use to do – bringing back the entertainment basically.

: The first time a fan experiences a nitro car it is something that they never forget.

GC: That’s true. Another thing is that we have adopted the American way of following drag racing with a quarter mile and miles per hour speeds but the kids of today and even their parents don’t even know because metric has been here for so long, they only know about metric speeds [Metric measurement was first introduced into Australia in 1970 – Ed.] so drag racing needs to change. While a grandfather might know what eleven inches is, the father and grandson don’t because they have been bought up learning metric measurement but our sport has never changed as it is Americanised in Australia.

We are trying to keep everything easy to manage as our cars don’t have data loggers - we check the spark plugs and the bearings. A number of the drivers also work on their cars so they have to have the knowledge about how to do that between rounds. We don’t want eight to twelve people working on these cars like we had when I raced Top Fuel; we need to do it with four people. That is what we are trying to achieve and that is what we have done so far – we don’t want this to be a rich man’s sport. We don’t want to charge $100 a ticket – the Monster Trucks charged about $60 a ticket for the kids and their parents – we charge about half that with the kids getting in for free.

It’s about marketing too – if you don’t market this properly then no one will know about it. You’ve got to take advantage of technology and get the kids talking about it on Facebook. That’s my take on it and its all about the KIDS – the kids are the future of everything. It’s all about the entertainment and this won’t just be confined to the racetrack from the Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car Night of Fire, as we have an A-37B Dragon Fly Ground Attack Jet Fighter set to scream through the sky over Sydney Dragway as part of an air show display. The A-37B Dragon Fly that will be performing for the event utilises twin General Electric J85-17A turbojet engines that generate an impressive 2,850 lbs of thrust through each engine! All that thrust means the A-37B Dragon Fly can ‘flyby’ at more than 750 kilometres per hour [almost 466 mph]. The plane is loud, incredibly fast and very agile and watching this machine in action is worth the admission price on it’s own. We also have a fire canon flame show with eight fire canons as well as kids rides, face painting and clowns and there will be more announcements to come!

Unless we do something there will be no races, no tracks, no drivers, no mechanics, no sponsors because the kids are the key to everything.

: Thanks for your time, Graeme.

GC: You are welcome.