: Watching the coverage of the recent Bakersfield race (California Hot Rod Reunion) I noticed that just about every second FC race saw cars going through the traps with piston death smoke coming from the pipes. You recently lobbied for changes to the rules to increase fuel, spark and change the rear end ratios to get around this problem and also produce flames at night – can you tell us a bit more about these basic changes?

GC: At the recent Bakersfield race you saw around 34 funny cars trying to qualify for the 16-car field. Under the Heritage rules there are restrictions on fuel pump size, limits on ignition and rear end gears -- consequently a lot of racers that didn’t qualify blew up a lot of stuff and went home out of pocket. We don’t want to repeat that here because we want to put on a show and that’s why our rules have changed to include a slightly bigger pump, increased ignition and up to 3.50:1 gears so the engine doesn’t rev as hard.

Our event is different as well in terms of the way we run it. There is no qualifying – so you go in cold turkey and make three runs and score points for each win. You turn up at the track and you make your first run and you get paid per run providing you can make it down the track. Hence you receive points for each win and we have first, second and third places on a podium with champagne that is different to what we currently have.

: This year sees five events on the schedule – do you think that this will grow in size next year?

GC: Yeah, this year saw five events and there will be more in 2015 so that is a 100 percent yes. We are looking at sustainable relationships with tracks (which is happening) but also we don’t want to put too much pressure on teams so this should see the number of events grow and the number of racers grow too. Eventually you might have a bunch of cars in Queensland that don’t want to go to Victoria [about 1100 miles – Ed.] and at the same Victorian cars not wanting to go to Queensland, so you draw from the local pool of racers to have a complete field of cars for an event.  I think we need to cap it to around seven or eight races a year to keep it affordable for the stakeholders.

: The one thing that we have noticed is that there has only been one oil-down since the series began and that wasn’t an engine problem but rather an oil can failure.

GC: Yeah, that was just plain bad luck. The weld on the car’s oil tank literally split and put oil down on the track – we ran 39 passes at last year’s Sydney event and they were all clean. The slightly larger pumps and ignitions are that way for a reason, not to make them faster, so much as to make them more reliable and give the cars some flames at night to put on a better show for the fans.

: All of your cars seem to have the same combination using a TFX 413 cubic engine – has been a reliable motor?

GC: Yes, that has been a reliable combination so far but we will be testing some 500 cube motors next year. We have had a large accumulation of parts here for the smaller combination. As you know, big motors don’t like to rev like little motors so that’s why we went with the little combination to start with and we have stuck with them because we have so many pistons, rods and crank parts, so we’ll run them until we run it out. Obviously the bigger motor is going to make more power so that will go better down the road but we need to keep that reliability as well.

 Can you tell us a bit more about these basic changes?

GC: Yeah – well we have eliminated the problems with the points in the 44 amp mag, we have a 34 gallon pump to eliminate the problems with burning the pistons and similarly by changing the rear end gears up to 3.50:1 you can keep your rpm lower and not have to rev the crap of it. Obviously, if you are going to put more spark and more fuel into the engine then you are going to get more flames that will give a better show for the fans.

: In addition to the fuel cars you have also included two wheelstanders for the upcoming November 29 event – for more showmanship?

GC: It’s about the total entertainment package, Jon – we sell more “Nitro Sheriff T shirts than any other because that’s what the kids want. Now we have the addition of “The Rocketship” wheelstander and it’s a good interest for the kids. If the kids are happy then the parents are happy and we let the kids in for free. At the recent Monster Truck tour it was all about the character factor with the personality of the trucks but they charge everybody who goes through the gate and they packed the place out. We are trying to take a lesson out of that.