: With the assistance of Aeroflow Performance Products?

GC: Yes, with some of the money. Well, back in the day it was all about the show - funny cars and wheelstanders used to entertain and pack out the tracks with fans and we want to bring that back in some form, somehow and the way to do that is to attract the kids. Without the kids there is no future for anything.

: So you’ve already had some success with the Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car Series!

GC: Yes, except with the rainout [last year’s November Sydney date – Ed]. Initially the early crowd was going to be a good one but prospective fans were told it was cancelled rather than postponed, as it ran the following day.

On June 19, 1986 Graeme Cowin (near lane) ran the first five-second pass (a 5.95) in a match race with NHRA star Gary Densham at Willowbank Raceway near Brisbane. (Jon Van Daal photo)

: Can you give me some background as to when you thought that the Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car Series would be a viable racing product to complement what we currently have?

GC: We all love Championship drag racing but the costs versus returns aren’t viable for most racers and the tracks. It’s become more about the racers and not the fans and while I don’t mean that nastily, we all get wrapped up in our sport and we love it but we are entertaining ourselves and not the public.  We tend to forget about the fans and we think that they think like us … but do they?

: So lately we’ve seen complete cars imported from America and they go fast out of the box.

GC: Yeah, that’s true but while we love having fun it’s actually all about the show, about the experience, and we need to be attracting new people to our sport who leave the track following a good experience.

: How many cars do you currently run out of your own race shop?

GC: Too many at the moment but some of them are for sale as turnkey operations. We currently have nine cars, two wheelstanders and one nostalgia fuel altered. That’s too much for us to do – we stumble through it because we can’t pay attention to all of them – ideally four cars would be much better.

: Can you just run through what a prospective racer would buy if they purchased one of these cars?

GC: Well, you could buy a car from wherever and piece it together yourself, however if you are not a nitro guy you might be struggling to figure out what size pump to put on it, how much nitro to put in it, compression ratios, what tyre pressures, blower overdrive, what gear ratios, spark advance, etc,  We can give you a turnkey car that has been down the track in the fives and when you take it away we give you a checklist of what to do and what not do so you can run it providing you can set the clutch right. Literally all that knowledge and experience would be invaluable.