: George said he called his daughter, Julie, to give her the news Ray had quit. And her response was, “Hang up the phone. Call Angelle. Tell her to come here tomorrow. It's an emergency. Tell her to start practicing, and we'll get her on the track as soon as possible.” You were a registered nurse before you began racing a Pro Stock Motorcycle. Did that word, “emergency,” strike a chord with you?

AS: When he first mentioned it it was more kind of like a joke. George said, “And Julie said for me to call you. So what do you think?” I kind of laughed, was like, “Yeah, right.” There was a little bit of a silence, and I said, “You're serious?" He was like, “If you want to do it, I'll do it.” And I just thought about it for a second and I said that I'll do it but I have a few people I need to go talk to. He said, “Yeah, I understand that.” Then we [wondered], “Is it even possible?” because my license hadn’t been active. We both said right there before I do anything, before we start freakin' out and figuring out how we can do this, let me call NHRA and talk to Graham Light and see what has to happen to get my competition license back. If he says, “No, it’s going to take awhile. It would take too long,” then we're just not going to worry about it. If he says we can do it, then I'll start trying to figure out how to do it. So I called Graham, and I kind of was freakin' out. And I said, “Well, if Graham says yes, then I'm going to continue to freak out. If Graham says no, well, then I have nothing to worry about.”

Originally we were going to try to race in Charlotte, which would have been crazy. From the day he asked me, which was Monday, I would've been that weekend. But Graham said yes, that we could do it. He said you download the paperwork on the Internet, go get your test runs . . . We were going to register the bike in George's name, since he has a license, and then I was going to get my test runs done, get my license back active and we were going to switch the driver's name on Thursday, which was NHRA's deadline to have the name switched. It didn’t go down that way.

When he said yes, I called George and said, “Graham said we can do this.” Right then and there we started talking about, “Well, maybe we shouldn’t rush it for Charlotte. Let’s go get your testing done. We'll make the announcement at Charlotte, if testing goes well, and we'll see if we can race in Dallas. So I hung up the phone with George and I went straight to my husband and I said, “This is what's happening. And what do you think?” I didn’t know what he was going to say. He said, “OK. Are you going to do it?” I said, “Do you think I should?” He said, "Yes, I think you should do it.” I said, “OK, I've got to call my mom.”

So I called my mom and my dad, and I said. “This is what's happening, but I can’t do it without you. I have a three-year-old and my husband works full time.” They both said whatever they needed to do to help me make this happen, they wanted it to happen. So everybody was saying yes. I was kind of looking for somebody to tell me no so I wouldn’t have to worry about it. But even my doctor – he said, “Come first thing in the morning. We’ll get your physical done.”

: So everything fell into place.

AS: Everything was happening way too easy. I was so scared. I was like, “I don’t know if I should do this. I don’t know if this is the right decision. I'm a mommy now. What do I do?” I prayed on it, and I just kept thinking, “If this isn’t supposed to happen, it wouldn’t be this easy. Things wouldn't be going as easy as they're going.” It was crazy, the amount of things we had to get done and just everything was happening and falling into place. We didn’t even have a sponsor, then David Ward stepped up with High Performance Lubricants and said, “I want to make this happen. What do I have to do to get you guys at some races?” So he funds us for three races. Then overnight – and I mean literally overnight – George had autograph cards produced, T-shirts produced. It was crazy.

He tells me we're going to go to Dallas, and I literally lost five pounds in a week. I'm not exaggerating. I was averaging 117 when George asked me to ride the bike. When we got to Dallas I was weighing 112. I guess it was nervous energy and being stressed and trying to get everything done. That was crazy. I told him, “I've got a new crash diet. You want to lose five pounds? Just go race a Pro Stock Motorcycle."