: One thing the NHRA hasn’t done is to make Pro Mod a true professional class and they haven’t developed a stand-alone class for the new Ford Mustang Cobra Jet, Chevy COPO Camaro and Mopar Charger -- real factory hot rods.  Is there a possibility that the new Nitro Jams might include classes for one or both of those classes?

JR: It is a possibility, but that move would have to be something IHRA President, Aaron Polburn, and Director of Competition, Skooter Peaco, will have to decide. Those are the men who will decide in the end what types of cars, classes and racing the Nitro Jams feature in 2014. That is their job to do and I don’t interfere with them. I trust their decisions on classes.

: IRG has a working relationship with Feld Motorsports and the Memphis track is working with Clear Channel   Both of those companies at one time owned the IHRA. What is their interest in the new IHRA and what will be their part in the future development of the IHRA?

JR: Feld is obviously a giant in the indoor entertainment world and are still involved in motorsports through their Monster Jam series. They have an interest in the IHRA succeeding simply because they sold us the company. Feld and IRG see expanding the IHRA brand as a great mutual opportunity and they have been a great asset in promoting the IHRA brand this season. Our Memphis track has a relationship with Clear Channel to help with promotion of events at that track, but they have no financial investment in IRG.

: One last question. Since IRG has acquired the IHRA and three of its own tracks, have you talked at all with NHRA president Tom Compton?

JR: Well, I can tell you he didn’t call me up to congratulate us on acquiring the IHRA or the tracks, but we have talked recently and I can tell you there is no angst between Tom and I.  We get along fine and after working together for ten years in Memphis, I count Tom and Peter Clifford both as friends.

: Thanks for taking time to talk to us

JR: You’re welcome. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share some of the exciting things we have going on at IRG.