: Is there something outside of drag racing that you will use your status as a World Champion to support or bring awareness to?

AB: Outside of drag racing, I want to keep bringing awareness about my religion, educate people about breast cancer awareness, and convince this generation to talk to the next about how to be successful in life. 

: In a press conference before the World Finals at Pomona you were asked about being the first African-American to win an NHRA championship and your answer (which we have on tape) suggested that Don Prudhomme was the first. Would you care to elaborate on that?

AB: That was a joke to mess with Snake because I always teased him and called him a “brother” because of his Afro puff he sported in the 1970s. 

: If you could make one rule change in drag racing what would it be and why?

AB: I would combine Top Fuel and Funny Car to make just one fuel category and run a 32-car field on race day. All the stars would race all the stars. And one more rule: Funny Car would have the engine in the back in a longer car.

: OK, that’s enough of the serious issues. We try to end our DRO interviews with a one soft question.  What kind of music are you listening to?

AB: Motown and old-school hip-hop.