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Antron Brown is the first African-American World Champion in drag racing, and indeed, North America’s first in a professional motorsports category. Last November, the former Pro Stock
Motorcycle racer had to stand around at the NHRA
World Finals after losing in the first
round, knowing that the only way he
could win the coveted NHRA Top Fuel
Championship was for his fellow competitor
and friend, Brandon Bernstein, to win
his first NHRA national event in years.
In a scenario that could have easily
been a Hollywood movie script,
Bernstein went to the final round and
won. Brown was declared the Champion
and the rest, as they say, is history.

DRO editor Jeff Burk conducted the
following interview with Mr. Brown, who is
known to speak his mind on
whatever issue he is asked about.

: When and where did
you see your first drag race? When was
the first time you drag raced and was it
bike or a car?

Antron Brown: The first drag race I attended
was either at Atco or E-Town (New Jersey) 
when I was a baby. I grew up at the drags
because both my dad and uncle raced. My first
time at the drags as a racer was in 1997 at Atco Dragway in New Jersey racing a GSXR 1100 Suzuki street bike

: When did you decide to make a career as a  drag racer?

AB: In 1998.  In 1997 Troy (Vincent) called me about racing and he and I started working toward that goal.