: If you were dictator for a day and could change one thing about professional drag racing, what would that be and why?

JS: That’s s a tough one… so much power. If I answered that seriously I might get in trouble. So, well, this is serious. I would confiscate the top running top fuel dragster, equipment and sponsor and give it to Greek’s team for a year. Why? Because I think it would awesome. It would be the biggest draw that NHRA ever saw.

:  What do you see for the future of drag racing?

JS: I worry about hardcore drag racing “only” cars. I do not see a lot of younger people involved. There has been a major shift over the last decade in what I term the Hi-Performance market, which is having a car that is street legal, so people drive it to the strip and then back home. Also, a lot of the Hi-Performance market wants multiple things from that car, like being able to drive it wherever, perform well on the drag strip, handle and stop well. Autocross is increasing in popularity as well. So I think that is where it is headed.
Unfortunately, until the major sanctioning bodies invest in growing our sport, it will be stagnant. I don’t mean investing in a financial sense, but ways to attract the 18-35 year olds because that’s the future customer. Without attracting and zeroing in on the younger racers/enthusiasts the “drag only” industry will inevitably decline.

: What music do you listen to on the road?

JS: I literally listen to anything from Pink Floyd to Hank Williams Jr. Currently have been listening to Peter Gabriel, Cat Stevens and George Harrison a bit more recently. When I work out it’s AC/DC, Guns and Roses, Godsmack – but that all changes.

: And one last question: boxers or briefs?

JS: Briefs; rarely boxers.