: Some racers who used to race with the ADRL tell me they got priced out of the ADRL. They could no longer afford to compete on any level. Are you going to take steps to try and make the ADRL more affordable, as it was when you first started ten years ago?

KN:  That would be my dream. I think we’ve been a victim of our own success, in some ways. I’ll take a lot of responsibility for that. I long for the days when Bil Clanton lined up against Eddie Ware and Perry Herring lined up against Bennie McDonald Jr., the Swearingen family, Keith Baker, Johnnie Pilcher....

: None of those guys can afford to run with the ADRL anymore.

KN:  Yeah, I hear that, but on the other side, my question is, Joey Martin came within a few rounds of a championship. Jason Hamstra won a championship. Frankie Taylor continues to run mind-boggling numbers. Those guys would be at the absolute bottom of anyone’s financial pyramid. So, on the one hand I hear what you’re saying, but on the other hand you got guys like Frankie Taylor who literally has to sometimes call home and ask Mom if she’ll put money on his credit card so that he can get the fuel to get back. So has the ADRL priced the low budget guy out? Or have some families and some small operations made the decision to stop running the ADRL because they couldn’t financially justify it anymore? In other words -- and I don’t say this to be disrespectful, since they’re one of my favorite groups in the world -- but does the Clanton family have any more or less money than Frankie Taylor or his family? Maybe they do, maybe they don’t.

: The issue for them is not in buying the best parts, it’s the cost of replacing them when they burn them up. They don’t begrudge anybody doing anything. Their point is that, in order to be competitive and run with the Frankie Taylors, who will do whatever it takes, they can’t afford to be a part of the program as it’s evolved. My question again is this: Are you going to try to find a ways to encourage the less well financed teams to compete at ADRL as they didn’t in the past?

KN:  Economic concerns aside, nothing would make me happier than to find a way to bring back the Clanton family, the McDonald family, the Swearingen family, the Baker family, the Pilcher family, to where more of these families were competing with us again on a regular basis. How to do that is, as they say, the 64 million dollar question. I will tell you that I will continue to strive to find a way to do that. There is a way to do it, I don’t know for sure what it is, but everyone in the ADRL family – and that includes the competitors at the top of the food chain -- would like that to happen.

: Speaking of financial support, will Shiekh Khalid al Thani be involved in the ADRL again?

KN:  Good question.  Since the buyback KH and I have spent a lot of time lately talking on the telephone. He just built two brand new Jerry Bickel state-of-the-art Pro Extreme ’69 Camaros. Understand that he is not involved financially at all. He may sponsor the ADRL through some of his companies if he chooses to do so if we can offer a good enough product to make it worthwhile – but even though he is not financially vested in the ADRL anymore. He is still very interested in the ADRL and its continued growth and the ADRL getting back to what it was and what it can be, and one of the things we have many conversations about is what we can do to make the ADRL more affordable so that more teams can participate and more teams can be competitive.