:  So you are talking about a class similar to the old NHRA Factory Experimental classes.

KN:  That is something that I can tell you I am very passionate about. I want to create a whole category. That whole philosophy of ‘Race on Sunday, sell on Monday’ is gone. There is NOTHING they race on Sunday that looks anything, ANYTHING like something you or I could walk into a showroom and buy. We’ve tossed around the name Pro Factory, but at the end of the day we may just call it Pro Stock. We want it to be stock, we want it to be pro, and at the same time we already have our Extreme Pro Stock version. Pro Stock was, to me, a really great idea at one time. Pro Modified should have always been what Pro Stock became. In other words, Pro Stock should have remained Pro Stock.

: So you see a factory doorslammer class with steel bodies with stock transmissions powered by turbocharged, supercharged and fuel-injected V-6s or V-8s?

KN:  Yes, I think the factories have a vested interest in building cars that can race that someone could walk right into a dealership and buy.

: The questions everyone wants to know the answers to regarding the ADRL are what’s the purse structure, are you’re going to charge an entry fee, and what your tech is going to be? Can you address these three things?

KN:  First, there will be some sort of annual membership fee specific to the team. It’ll be more affordable than it was last year. I don’t know the exact amount because we’re still working through that. I wish we’d had it two weeks ago, but we should have it soon. As for an entry fees, financially, unfortunately the days of not charging any kind of… I don’t want to call it an entry fee, I hate that term…is past. We’ll have a participation fee, league fee, whatever you want to call it. But at the end of the day, there will be a fee of some fashion. It’ll be a flat fee, per team, based on the class that you run in, and 100% of it will go toward the payout.

: So what will the racers get for the “fee”?

KN:  It’ll be paid in advance so when a team gets to the track, they’ll be able to drive their rig right through and on into their parking spot. Because one of the things we admittedly did a poor job of leading into 2010 -- and which has continued to be cumbersome and time consuming based on feedback, both from our customers and competitors -- is the process of getting in the gates and parking and getting your armbands and all this nonsense. We’re going to do all this in advance so that when a guy shows up, he pulls his rig in and he’s ready to race. None of this ‘wait in line for three hours and fill something out.’ It’ll all be done in advance.

: How about tech? Standard NHRA tech?

KN:  Oh yeah. We’ve submitted our rules to NHRA to be ASO approved. With the exception of a few very small changes, the rules are very similar to last year. In Top Sportsman and Top Dragster, as well as both of our Junior Dragster classes, we’ll be following NHRA rules to a T.  Pro Modified will follow NHRA rules. The ADRL has established rules in Pro Extreme, Pro Nitrous, Extreme Pro Stock, and Pro Extreme Motorcycle. Those rules will all stay in place for next year. Bubba Corzine will be our Director of Competition, and our Director of Tech will be Rick Moore. Rick’s a former Pro Nitrous competitor and one of the nicest guys I know. He’s someone I’m sure our competitors will have a great deal of respect and admiration for. He’s a straight shooter.

: The number one question is the purse. I’ve had more than one racer call me to say if you weren’t paying enough purse, they’re not coming. What’s going to determine what your purse is going to be?

KN:  Well, obviously the number of sponsorships is going to greatly influence what the purse will be. Fortunately, we’ve had several companies say that while they hadn’t planned to be involved with the ADRL in 2013, now that the company’s getting back to its roots -- taking this old/new direction, if you will -- some of them are coming back. How many sponsorships we get will determine the purse and we won’t be able to say what that will be until later in the year. One thing I can tell the racers is that the purses will grow. If the revenues continue to grow, we’ll pass that increase along to our racers.

: Are you going to have a points fund? Do you have a sponsor for that?

KN:  Yes. We’re not going to have a sponsor for the points fund, but we will have a points fund. So as to not confuse anyone, our points fund will be based on the points system that was in place last year. I think we sort of outgrew our “Battle for the Belts” program but hopefully we can bring it back at some point as a specialty race if we can secure sponsorship for it. Right now our intent for this year is to announce our purse in the next couple of weeks.

To those who say they won’t race with us if we don’t pay enough, I wish them all the best. We’d certainly love to have everyone who’s raced with us in the past back and lots of new competitors as well. But at the end of the day, we can’t dictate that. It’s kind of like drag racing itself: if you get caught up in what the guy in the other lane is doing, sometimes you beat yourself.