You don’t think your first win will be that significant moment?

CF: It will be to me, and having my first win will be exciting.  I guess if I win four rounds of eliminations that will help me feel more like a professional.

When you are on the road what music or groups are on your iPod?

CF: I listen to all sorts of music. I like Top 40 and upbeat music.  I used to listen to music before I would make a run but I have gotten out of that habit.  I am just trying to stay focused when I head up to run now.  If I do go back to listening to music, I won’t be listening to anything slow. You want to get pumped up and have your adrenaline up and ready.

What would you tell a first time fan who comes to the races? Any advice?

CF:  Bring your earplugs and be prepared because these cars are going to be loud and fast. Every run will be different and anything can happen.  Don’t be confused by holeshots. They are hard to explain and understand.  It doesn’t matter where you sit.  The closer you are to the starting line you can feel the cars launch or if you are at the finish line you can see who gets to the finish line first and that might be where more exciting things happen. You’ll notice the sound of the cars launching is a little delayed from the finish line.

Who would you rather beat in a final round, your dad or your sister, Ashley Force Hood?

CF: Hmm, probably dad.  I would feel bad beating Ashley.  I don’t know why other than she is my sister and she has been there to help me through this process and teach me.  Dad has, too, but he has been in the game for a lot longer.