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Do you plan to be active in the politics of drag racing like some of your peers?

CF: I am going to try and stay out of the politics.  I think PRO has been doing a good job from what I could see.  I don’t feel the need to go in and try and change anything.  I also believe and trust in NHRA.

Does any other kind of auto racing appeal to you aside from drag racing?

CF: I’ve been to a NASCAR race and an Indy Car race.  I definitely found them intriguing. Their cars are different from ours and it is amazing to see them race for so long at a high speed.  I just grew up in NHRA and I don’t know if it is that history or just the fact that I find Funny Cars a lot more interesting and challenging.  They go 300 mph with 8,000 horsepower.  One cylinder on the BOSS 500 in my Traxxas Ford Mustang equals the power in a whole NASCAR engine. The fact that I am racing one of the fastest cars on the planet is something I wouldn’t want to trade for another series.  I don’t want to miss out on the power of these 8,000 horsepower race cars. They go straight but sometimes they do turn.

What do you think could be changed or implemented in order to make NHRA more popular and eventually elevated to be seen equal with NASCAR by the media and public?

CF: We just need to somehow find a way to reach out to a broader audience and a younger generation.  Having a younger generation of drivers out here racing against the veterans, which is cool, I think that can help. People can watch on TV and see the legends but also see some young faces coming in.  We need to reach out to people outside of our motorsports fan base.

What will have to happen in your career before you will feel like you have "arrived" as a professional driver?

CF: I don’t feel like a professional driver yet.  I am a rookie driver who is still learning.  It will take awhile before I feel like a real professional.  I don’t know when that point will hit, maybe it is overcoming a tough run and being in the position to have learned from my experiences to avoid a mistake.  I also think maybe if I set a record or do something no other driver has done.