Do you enjoy the PR work that comes with your job or would you rather just be a driver?

CF: I don’t mind it. The media attention is definitely good for our sponsors and the sport. Starting out as a rookie, it is hard to get attention if you are not doing well and you are not talking with the media.  I think being on a good team with good sponsors makes it easier to talk to the media.  I also think being female makes it easier and anytime you can talk to the media that is a positive thing for our sport.

Do you get or would you like to get involved with the mechanics and tuning of the car or are you happy just to drive it and leave the other to the crew?

CF: I am happy driving, but I find the tuning stuff interesting. I am always eavesdropping on (co-crew chiefs) Ron (Douglas) and Scott (Wible). I am learning by looking over people’s shoulders. I don’t want to be distracting or get in peoples’ way since that is not my area of expertise.

Do you have any preference regarding 1000-foot versus 1320-foot track length?

CF: I have driven both. I drove the 1320 ft in my A/Fuel dragster.  I am only familiar with the 1000 ft in the Funny Car class.  There is a lot of action in the Funny Car at 1000 ft. Racing to 1320 caused a lot more problems in Funny Car and Top Fuel so it was more dangerous for the drivers.  I think it is a better show now for the fans because there is less down time and that kind of evens it out.  I don’t mind the 1000 ft.  It is still exciting. Anything can still happen. The cars are still going over 300 mph.

Is there any driver or team you particularly like to race or beat?

CF: At this point, my teammates have been beating up on me.  I would like to race my teammates and beat them but only late in race day.  No more first round or second round match-ups.

Your dad is known for not being politically correct when being interviewed. Will you carry on that tradition?

CF: No. He always tells me when I do interviews don’t get political and don’t get religious. I know that is not the route you are supposed to go when you go on a date with someone or when you are doing interviews with the media.

At the top end I don’t think you can hold back your emotions.  I do want to show that I am a strong driver and try to be put together at the top end.  I’ll definitely say how I feel at the other end.  When you get out after a run, you are overwhelmed and there is such an adrenaline rush I can’t really hold back everything that comes out of my mouth.  You just start talking about how the run went, what it felt like and your excitement and your emotions for the next round.  That isn’t something you can compose and hide in two seconds after getting out of the car.