(Ron Lewis photo)

: What is your opinion of the NHRA's relatively new "Countdown" points series? Would you prefer the old points system?

AC: I hate the Chase because it somewhat negates early season performance, but I do think it is better for the show.

: Do you think that the NHRA ought to give championship points for setting speed records as well at ET records?

AC: Don’t care.

: Say the NHRA were to come to you and ask what they could do to decrease the cost of nitro racing. If you could make whatever rules or rule changes you want, what would your answer be?

AC: Don’t make any new rules. Every time any association makes new rules to save the teams money it costs everyone millions of dollars, from NASCAR to Formula 1.

What is your opinion of the job Tom Compton has done as President of the NHRA?

AC: I don’t want his job.

: In your career what opposing crew chief most challenged you? Was there one you wanted to beat the worst?

AC: I have been fortunate to do enough. I have the greatest respect for Alan Johnson.