One of the things Coil has had the time to do since leaving the NHRA Big Show is to get together with old friends. In May 2011 he was part of a “Chi-Town Hustler” reunion where the original Farkonis, Coil and Minick trio were reunited. (Dennis Mothershed photo)

I have learned that after running wide open for 47 years it is pretty nice to slow down. Now I’ve decided to take another year off. I suppose it is unlikely I will return to the dog fight, but who knows.

: Many of your fans and some journalists too thought you might end up working for another nitro team. Have you been offered a job with one of the other NHRA nitro teams? And if you haven't taken a tuning/team manager job, why not?

AC: I have been offered a position with two other well-funded teams, but I have declined so far. NHRA’s rules against progress take the fun out the job. They (NHRA) have placed a moratorium on new development. If they think an innovation would or could make the cars faster or more consistent they won’t allow it (to be built or used).

In the past, the reason we were so successful is we would invent something that the others did not have and that would give us an edge for a while. Now new things that would be better are not allowed.

: Is there any chance we will see you and Lisa with a Nostalgia Funny Car?

AC: I am still looking for a team owner with proper funding that wants to see that happen.

: The tragic crashes that took both Eric Medlen and Scott Kalitta's lives seemingly led to the NHRA shortening the track distance for nitro cars to 1,000 feet. Do you feel that decision was correct and has it made racing safer?

AC: Without a doubt their decision has made racing safer and less costly. Eric’s misfortune took place before 1,000 foot so it had no bearing on that (decision). The improved chassis, wheels and tire development that stemmed from the research and development that occurred after both Eric and John Force’s crashes have made racing safer the whole run.

: Are you surprised at the ETs and speeds being recorded by today's nitro cars after changing to the 1,000-foot finish line?

AC: No, I am not surprised.