(Ron Lewis photo)

Austin Coil and John Force were one of the most successful tuner/driver combinations in the history of not just drag racing but, indeed, all of auto racing.

Coil won his first two NHRA Nitro Funny Car World Championships as a co-team owner and the tuner of the “Chi-town Hustler” in the 1980s with driver Frank Hawley. After agreeing to tune John Force’s car, the pair won ten straight NHRA Funny Car World Championships, a feat unequaled in motorsports. Coil has won seventeen NHRA World Championships since his first in 1982.

Coil resigned as Force’s tuner after the 2010 NHRA season was concluded and the pair had won their 15th NHRA title. Since then Coil and his wife, Lisa, have been on hiatus and Mr. Coil has done no work in drag racing and given no interviews.

DRO is honored he decided to allow himself to be interviewed by Editor, Jeff Burk. As usual Mr. Coil was very candid and to the point.

: There has been lots of speculation regarding why you resigned from John Force Racing. You and John Force as a team have one of if not the best records in motorsports with winning races and championships. Could you please explain exactly what led to your leaving JFR and retiring from the sport?

Austin Coil: For 25 years John Force, in my opinion, treated me like a partner who was instrumental in his success and wealth. Then when he restructured (his business) after the (down) turn in the economy, in my opinion, he treated me like another spoke in the wheel. I was not happy for some time. His company looked to me like it was growing while I was not. I guess he became a better businessman and less of a friend. So after winning our 15th championship and the 17th for me in 2010 I thought that now would be a good time to take a year off and smell the roses.