: So what happened to cause you to be fired as president of the ADRL and be replaced by Tim McAmis? 

KN: First, I just want to say I have no ill feelings toward Khalid; I haven’t throughout this entire process. It was just a philosophical difference on how the company was going to be run. And without boring you with all the details, we all sat down - Tim McAmis, myself, and Khalid’s lawyer, who goes by “Kay” - in Qatar in fall of 2010 after the ADRL World Finals.  We all agreed on how the company was going to be run going forward, what Tim’s role was going to be (Tim was taking over as the President and CEO of Al-Anabi Racing USA and was going to be overseeing a lot of Khalid’s interests here locally), but I was going to continue on as the President and CEO of ADRL.  I then returned to the States to spend time with my family  and then went back to Qatar. When I got there I found that a lot of what we had agreed on had changed while I was gone as far as how the company was going to be run and what the philosophy of the company was going to be going forward. For me, it was just a philosophical difference. There’s been a lot of speculation as to why I would walk away. I would NEVER walk away from the ADRL. I don’t know if ‘forced out’ is the right word, but certainly things were changing in a way I wasn’t happy with, and I wasn’t going to be a figurehead for a company whose business plan I didn’t believe in.

: Simply put: Did you quit or were you fired?

KN: Fired. Well, I’m not sure fired is the correct word. I was sent a termination letter by the CEO (Tim McAmis) of Al-Anabi USA. But I can say that, had I not gotten that letter, I would have resigned regardless. I wasn’t going to come back under any circumstances, based on how the company was moving forward.

: What did you do after leaving the ADRL in 2010?

KN: I went through a very rough period when all of this happened. When everything began to change course during and towards the end of the 2010 season, I began to see the writing on the wall. Things became very difficult for me, personally, towards the end of November of that year. It’s been the most difficult two years of my life. Being almost forced by an agreement, the non-compete clause, to not be able to make your living doing what you love… I just felt like someone had taken one of my children away for me. It’s been a good two years because I’ve gotten closer to my family, been able to spend more time with them, but I’ve got to be completely honest, it’s been the most difficult two years of my life.

: You have been promoting mixed martial arts fights in the St. Louis area over the last two years. How did you get involved in that?

KN: Fight Hard MMA is a company that was built by Jessica (his wife) through her hard work, her efforts. She used the same philosophy, she had the help of a lot of great people, not least of whom are Jack and Kim Switzer, who are partners in the ADRL and have been partners with Jessica in Fight Hard MMA. I didn’t really have a day-to-day role in Fight Hard MMA. I gave Jessica as much help and attention as I could. We are going to continue to promote four fights a year here in the St. Louis area.