: As a professional drag racer, what is the hardest task or skill you have had to deal with?

EE: Driving the car and finding the balance between a normal life and racing/travel.

: Obviously you’re a big name in drag racing already. If you should become the next Shirley Muldowney, what would you do with that status?

EE: I would stay involved and help women in motorsports chase their dreams and find opportunities. I want to be a positive role model for people with aspirations to get into drag racing and motorsports in general.

: What is the morale of you and your crew coming into Indy, especially after your recent success?

EE: Very high. We’re confident and running well. We really work well together. My guys are a good group with their heart in the right place. All of us trust each other, as well.

: What will winning a national event or world championship mean to you?

EE: It’ll mean a lot. I’ve worked my entire life to get to where I am. We’re in a great position this year and we have a lot of confidence that it’ll happen if we keep up our consistency. It’s surreal.

: What kind of music do you listen to at the track?

EE: I listen to country normally, but on race day it’s more pump-up music.