: You’ve been characterized as a pack rat.

EI: (Avoiding the question) Oh yeah. Well, I got to thinking the other day about that. When we were kids, we didn’t know about hot rods yet. All we knew about was bicycles, so we learned to fix our own bicycles. We’d find parts, here and there, and we’d take them apart and see how they worked. If you broke them, they were junked parts anyway. I remember our school teacher telling us, “You’ll never amount to anything unless you go to college!” Oh, is that so? I liked arithmetic in school and a few other things. I didn’t want to go to college, when I got out of school I wanted to go right to work making something. By then I’d already found out about hot rods. I couldn’t see where you could make any money with it, but it was a fun hobby, you know? Fixing cars, stuff like that, we liked that.

: You’ve got warehouses here that are legendary. You’ve got old race cars in there, your old personal cars....

EI: It’s mostly machinery.

: You’d go to auctions and buy machinery.

EI: Yeah. ‘Cause machines will make you a lot of money if you put them to work. Of course it’s changed now with the CNC machines, so a lot of the old machines I bought, they’re productive machines, but not as much as a CNC machine. We are scrapping some of them now. Even that hurts to do. They can still produce good parts.