: But it was originally started as a way to collectively fight legislation that might have hurt your business?

EI: That was the idea. So it grew. They made me first President. I wasn’t at one of the meetings they held and originally it was very… Well Ed Elliot, the advertising man, would get us together. He did a lot of work on it in the early days, getting us together and talking and voting, and this and that. He helped a lot, getting it going, until they got in more people and got more dues and hired more people. So that’s what made it grow.

: So you’re still a member of SEMA, but the way that it’s evolved is really positive for the industry still, right?

EI: Oh yeah. They have their attorneys and they help a lot.

: I’ve seen you at hot rod reunions. Do you follow modern drag racing on any level?

EI: Yeah, as much as I can. I used to go back east a few times in the old days, but now I just go to Pomona twice a year when they race.