: That’s the only kind of race car you’ve driven?

EI: Yeah. Well, one day I fired up one of the Top Fuelers. I never did make a run with one. I made just a slow burnout. Little burnout, you know?

: There are a lot of people who doubt that Chris Karamesines was the first person to go over 200 mph in the quarter mile. Do you think the 204 at Alton, Illinois was real?

EI: Well, I do doubt it a little bit, but they played it up as much as they could so.... Yeah, it was kind of a publicity stunt, you might say. It might have been a little mistake, who knows for sure? What were they running at the time, 190? Yeah, that… that remains to be seen.

: No way of ever proving it.

EI: That’s right.

: What promoter or drag racing executive, in your mind, was most responsible for drag racing?

EI: Well I guess Jack Hart did the nicest job, and Wally, yeah. He had the Safari and went back east and planted dragstrips in lots of little towns to keep the kids off the streets, so that did help a lot.

: Did you have a good relationship with him?

EI: We had some fallings out, but yeah. That’s a long story there.

: Is there a race car or type of racing you wish you’d gotten involved in?

EI: Uh, Formula One is pretty exotic, elite stuff, you know.