: At El Mirage?

Ed: No it was Murock then. We had the best lake of all, Murock. So that’s where we’d learn more by seeing what the guys had done, picking up certain parts from the junkyard. There was a big variety of cars in those days in the wrecking yards, and by picking this and that.  You could get Franklin front axles and Essex frames, Cadillac gas tanks, an Auburn dash. All this kind of stuff, you know. Buffalo wheels and this and that.

: What was the first drag strip you went to?

EI: Well let’s see. I always wanted to go to Santa Ann but I was too busy making cams. Let me see… Lions, of course, but before that? Gosh, I can’t think of it right now.

: Personally, what is your favorite kind of racing?

EI:  Oh gee. Well really, I guess sprint car or circle track racing because drag racing’s over so fast, but with circle track racing, you have a chance to make mistakes and still be in the race, and it lasts quite a while, half an hour sometimes. And another fun thing is that if you’re a slow car, you can kind of back off a little bit until the leader comes by, then try and keep up with him a bit! I always thought that would be fun. I never did get on the racetrack because I was always afraid of being hurt.

: Do you prefer dirt or asphalt?

EI: Dirt. Because you get the sliding and all that.

: Back in the fifties, did you race at all?

EI: Yeah. We did most of my racing on the dry lakes. I did 120 (MPH) with my Model T and I think Edelbrock, with his V-8 ’32 Roadster, was going 124 or so. We hung out with the guys in the Bung Holer Club, but we weren’t in it. So we grew up there. We weren’t in the time trials, but we’d wait until Vic took his car out and then we’d see if we could stay with him. He’d be trying it out on the side of the lake before he made an official run. We noticed that we were lightweight compared to him, so we could stay with him on acceleration but he’d run away from us on the top end.