(James Drew photo)

: What’s the first car you ever drag raced?

AD: It was a GMC Typhoon... Oh wait, are you talking about on the street? OK, it’s not cool man, but we all got our start somewhere and I was a stupid kid!

: When did you first go down a dragstrip?

AD: It was in Phoenix, Arizona in a ’63 Corvette roadster that I raced in Super/Gas. That was my first competition car. My first actual run down a dragstrip was in Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School in Pomona. Jack Beckman was my teacher.

: Who do you look up to in drag racing?

AD: Oh, John Force. (Laughing) I am sure everybody says that, but with everything that he’s been through, he didn’t come out and win races right away. He worked really hard at it. He’s got the kind of energy like my father and I can see the similarities between the two. I love it, I love his energy. I think he’s a great man and he’s great for the sport. He’s wild and I like that about his spirit; there should be more people out there like him.

Of course, Del Worsham. He’s been racing funny cars since he was eighteen and I always really respected him as a driver and a person, but I had a newfound respect for him after I worked with him in a nitro funny car and saw how hands-on he is. He’s a great teacher, he can tune and drive... kinda like a Mike Neff, but such an all around good guy. Those are my two favorites and I was really lucky to have both of them sign my new license.

: What are your hobbies outside of drag racing?

AD: Snowboarding, I ride dirt bikes, I like going skydiving, and I like traveling all over the country and world with my family and my daughter. I love riding beach cruisers down to the beach with my kid and hanging out at the beach, going to music concerts, and enjoying life to the fullest!

: Do your peers treat you any differently because you are a woman?

AD: I don’t really notice it. Sometimes, there are little things, but not really. I worked really hard to get where I am, I have respect for these guys and it is a mutual respect.

: And they want to kick your ass... and you want to kick their asses!

AD: Yeah, yeah. We’re all buddy-buddy in the pits, but when you get up there, Nicky and I want to win (Nick Bastiao, the team’s crew chief and co-owner of Stealth Motorsports). But if either one of us don’t, we are still stoked for the other person. That’s what’s cool about sportsman racing, you are still buddy-buddy at the end of the day, somewhat. I love these guys, it’s a big family and I have a lot of respect for what they do.