(Darr Hawthorne photo)

: Why does Patrón Tequila sponsor your alcohol funny car instead of the Paul Mitchell System brand of hair products, when obviously you are a woman with an attraction for potential women customers?

AD: I discussed this with my father a long time ago when he saw that I was very passionate about drag racing and very serious. I got licensed and said, “I really want to do this dad.” After everything was out on the table, it just seemed like the natural way to go because his company Patrón had been sponsoring other kinds of auto racing. Paul Mitchell is more like beach sports, surfing, and snowboarding, not really into auto racing. Patrón is almost like the “dark horse” and Paul Mitchell is like the lighter side of things, so it made sense to go that route, especially since Patrón was already involved in auto racing.

: Is there any other side of drag racing that interests you, or is it strictly nitro funny cars?

AD: I enjoy everything about it... You know, the fans being able to come up and talk with you, and they get a one-on-one experience with the cars and the crews. The level of competition, many of these guys have been racing forever and they love it... it’s a family sport and I bring my daughter out here and she plays with the other drivers’ kids. It’s great, the entire experience is exciting, and I love it.

: When do expect to make a move completely to nitro funny cars?

AD: Dallas, this year.

: Will you compete solely in nitro funny cars through the end of the season, or will you still compete with your alcohol team?

AD: It depends how we do. If I win a race or two before Dallas, then I am going to make a swap and never look back... at least for a long time. But if we don’t, then I will finish out the year in both cars.

: Who will be tuning your nitro funny car?

AD: I don’t know yet. There are a lot of candidates out there. We are going to pick very carefully.