Alexis DeJoria Interview

Top Alcohol Funny Car driver Alexis DeJoria is the daughter of John Paul DeJoria, of Paul Mitchell Systems, and Patrón Tequila. Her team, Stealth Motorsports, is one of very few female team owners in NHRA.

As a businesswoman and dedicated racer, she is someone sure to make her mark in drag racing.  Darr Hawthorne had a chance to sit down with her at the Las Vegas race.

: When and where did you first
attend a drag race, and what was it about drag racing
that remains in your memory?

Alexis DeJoria: My first drag race was at the Pomona
National event. I was sixteen years old and went with a
high school friend of mine, with whom I had built hot rods
and raced them back in those days. We watched those
nitro funny cars go down the racetrack and everybody
plugging their ears, and I am questioning, “What the hell
are they doing?” I watched them going down the racetrack
and I remember the feeling was captivating and I wanted
to do it. I had always loved racing and wanted to race, but
didn’t know exactly what kind and different kinds of stuff,
but it was nitro funny cars that really grabbed my attention.

: What kind of hot rods were
you building at that time?

AD: Chevelles, Bel Airs,
mostly Chevys.

: How did
you get involved in that?

AD: In high school, I always
gravitated to the people that had the hot rods that were
racing; it was just in my blood from my dad; he used to
race when he was a kid. He loved it and it just stuck with me.

: Does your dad have any
interest in the sport of drag racing?

AD: When he has time. He made it to about five races
last year. He loves it; it’s actually his favorite auto racing
sport. He’s sponsored a few different types of racing too:
Indy Car Racing, NASCAR and now the American
Le Mans Series, but he thinks drag racing is the most
exciting; it’s his kind of sport.

You would expect her hair to look great, and it does. (Photo courtesy Stealth Motorsports)