: Would winning the California Hot Rod Reunion or the March Meet be part of your bucket list?

RC: Yeah, it is actually. We were bummed with the "Blue Max" car -- you have to remember that it is a 118-inch wheelbase car and all these other cars out here are running 125-inch.  When Del built the original car, he wanted to make it as authentic as the car actually was back in the day.  That's how he got the blessing from Raymond Beadle. This car we are running is at a disadvantage. It's a shorter car and when we had the problem with the fuel system and the trans popped back into neutral -- it knocked the body off at the March Meet -- we were scrambling to run the next day, to do anything we could do to run it.  We looked at running another car under the rules, to bring out a spare car, because no other body would fit on that chassis of 118 inches.  That tells you how much we wanted to win that race, we had Nick Bonninfante, Tommy Delago, and Kalitta guys hanging out. We were bummed; we were there to win it. 

Maybe for me, more so. I know it's big for Del and Chuck Worsham, but I grew up going to this place. I stayed at the Rancho Bakersfield and walked around as a kid seeing Garlits and guys tearing their engines apart in their hotel rooms with their trailers backed up to the front door. Those good old days go back to the March Meet.  For me to win a race at Famoso, the March Meet or the California Hot Rod Reunion, is high on my bucket list.

: Thanks for your time, Ron.  Good luck at the Reunion!