Capps (right) with Dale Pulde at a Goodguys race in 2005.  (James Drew photo)

:  You are racing at the 20th California Hot Rod Reunion with your buddies at Worsham Racing. Have you had issues with Don Schumacher about your racing outside of the NHRA series?

RC: No, the great thing about Don is he lets me do both events, the March Meet and the Reunion at Famoso.  I am able to do my NAPA stuff, like the NAPA Kick-off Party Thursday (Oct. 20) at Chuy's in Bakersfield.  One thing Don always knows, and I assure him, is that first and foremost I am going to be in a safe car. You look at Steve Plueger's funny car that I drove and Del Worsham's car, most importantly it is as safe as the Big Show cars, it's got every safety aspect on it and Del is actually overboard safety with me in the car. 

Capps drove the Worshams’ “Blue Max” at this year’s March Meet.  (James Drew photo)

Don knows I am going to use my best judgment. You know, it could have been worse when the body blew off of the "Blue Max" at the March Meet, you cannot discount things like that happening.  When we went to NAPA headquarters back in 2008, the first thing they were told was that I was somebody who likes to do other kinds of racing, whether dirt cars or nostalgia funny cars, and the NAPA executives loved that, that I am able to do this. These are fans who are the grassroots and a lot of them are not able to attend a national event, so they love it and Don has always been great about it.  If Don hears something that has happened, he's always on the phone to make sure that I am OK.

:  What do you think of the current rules package for AA/FCs?

RC: I am torn on some of them. I had a meeting with NHRA tech officials last year to just let them know how involved I was with trying to promote the Heritage Series and trying to help to keep it "nostalgic." There's been a lot of discussion about spoilers, side plate and spill plates. I told the guys at NHRA that I'd like to help because I'd like to see the AA/FC without computers on board. I'd love to keep the costs down because now these teams have to put on carbon fiber brakes and doing a lot of things… a lot of these guys are scraping everything they can put together to get a car out here.  Adding carbon fiber brakes is not a trivial change, so I see if the rules are allowed to change, these cars need to be as "nostalgic" as they can. 

I first showed up when Goodguys ran the series and when NHRA formed the Heritage Series, I wanted everyone to experience how much fun I have, we all have, and how much the fans enjoy it. But when the rules kind of get grey in certain areas and they start looking like a Big Show car… that is something I don't want to see.