Jeff Gaynor’s Barracuda.

It was pretty cool, because everybody came to that race and we ended up winning with Gaynor's funny car, which was a blast!  If you don't know him, Gaynor is the kind of guy who would do anything to get the car out on the track and he reminds me of a guy back in those days where you would do anything you could - even hock your house if you had to get your car to the racetrack.  To win the Word Series was huge. It goes way back in the history of our sport.

: If you could have been racing back in the '70s could you see yourself driving a ramp truck chasing match races and touring the country?

RC: Without a doubt, I feel like I was born twenty years too late.  I love hearing the stories, like when I drove for Snake all those years, I'd hear all the guys come over an talk about the old days… Raymond Beadle, Snakeand Mongoose, Don Schumacher, the Ace, Jungle Jim and the stories of how they would do anything to make it to the next track, but would race five nights a week. I cannot imagine how cool that was to get a ramp truck, load your funny car and stuff up - and get to the next track. To just think about it, what could be better than going one place to the next, racing at night in a funny car and getting paid to do it, then load the whole thing up and drive all day to do it again the next night in another location. A lot of guys were able to turn it into a living. It was such a different time. I love it.

:  Did you have a favorite funny car team when you were growing up?

RC: I think I spent every year, maybe except two years, of my childhood going to the March Meet. It's what we did with my mom and dad.  We ran my dad's altered or we went as spectators if he didn't run it, so I'd go back home with jacket patches, hand-out cards, and they would be on my wall until the next March Meet. 

I think my most favorite car back then was the called the "Hawkeye." I'm not even sure if it was a nitro funny car, but it ran at our home track at Santa Maria. It'd do those 800-foot burnouts. I think it was an alcohol funny car.  My favorite nitro funny car was probably the Super Shops Arrow, you know the one they gave away, or Jungle Jim Liberman. I built a ton of those models as a kid.