Can mountain-motor Pro Stock engines still get bigger or have you reached the limit?

Kaase: Well, we have a 5-inch bore center limit, so realistically the biggest these engines are any good at is 825 (cubic inches) or so, 850 would probably be worse.        

Do you have any interest in building the even bigger nitrous motors like they use in Pro Nitrous?

Kaase: Not really. If our class that we build for dried up or something, then we’d have to, but I don’t really like the nitrous stuff.

After IHRA left out Pro Stock, did the ADRL come along at just the right time to preserve the class?

Kaase: Well, we have another sanction, the Mountain Motor Pro Stock Association, that has five races this year, but the ADRL really saved it. But honestly, if the ADRL hadn’t made this class for us, we probably would’ve buckled under and had something going into IHRA races. They probably would’ve taken us as an exhibition class and we almost did that with IHRA. We were going to have to put the show on for the IHRA; we would’ve had to come up with a sponsor, come up with a purse, but we would’ve had a place to race. I think if the ADRL wasn’t there to do it easy, I’m sure we would’ve figured out some way to do it hard. I just don’t think it would’ve disappeared.

The way it worked out must have been good for you, though, just from a business standpoint.

Kaase: Oh yeah, it’s pretty good. We lose a few and gain a few guys every year, but most of the races we have about nine cars out there. Not all of them do well, but most of them run pretty good and they move them around.

End of Part I. In the next installment Kaase talks about the current Ford Pro Stock engine and what he has to say may really surprise you. He also talks about other engines and some of his projects. Check it out here.