: And usually not very corporate.

MR: And not very corporate. Well the Import guy was definitely not corporate. It's a shame because the Import racing was kind of entertaining. People came out in droves to some of the events like Battle of the Imports. I remember going out to Palmdale one time and I couldn't even get to the race. The roads were blocked they had so many people going to these races. And NHRA like I said, with the right people they probably could have made that Import thing work. I know they had the corporate dollars behind them.

: What are the future plans for PSCA?

MR: Like I said, we've got the car show series which is new, We're going to continue to build the Street Car Supernationals as a country-wide race, I go everywhere to try to promote this race, from Orlando to Shakedown at E-Town, I go to the ADRL races. We want to best of the best. It's the last race of the year, so we really get bragging rights for like three months because it's the last race, and that's what people are talking about. We want to make sure we get the best of the best to that race.

: I've been a fan of PSCA racing for, I don't know… six years maybe. How do you connect better with a spectator to get them to come in? Because it is some of the closest non-nitro racing that's out there.

MR: We believe that if we can get the spectator to come and watch the racing, we can get them hooked. But with so many things to do in Southern California and Las Vegas, it's hard to get the spectators to come to the race. If we can get them to come here, I think we have a product to get them to come back.

: Do you have any competitors?

MR: We have the West Coast Hot Rod Association which started three years ago, they're now pretty much exclusively in Bakersfield. They don't have any conflicting dates with us.

: Do you cooperate with them?

MR: Well I can't say we're friends….

: To a point?

MR: To a point. I mean, I don't badmouth them.

: And you're not going to put a race on the same weekend, as you both draw on the same kind of cars.

MR: Yeah, we both draw on the same kind of cars and as of right now; we haven't had a race come even close to conflicting. So that's really good. They race a lot in the summertime at Bakersfield with night races and we take the whole summer off. So it's kind of not that bad a deal.

: How do you want to be remembered in drag racing down the road? How do you want people to see you?

MR: Well I hope they see me as they see me at the racetrack: always working. I'm always trying to make the races better, whatever it takes. If I see something that needs to be changed, I'm not a guy that's just going to push it under the rug and let it be. I'm going to fix it. That's what we've been doing with the PSCA for twelve years now.

Our races are smoother, we've got more cars then before, and we can get these races done. It takes the cooperation of great racetracks: Auto Club Dragway in Fontana, The Strip at Las Vegas, and Firebird International Raceway. We have a great relationship with the track owners and operators, the people who work these tracks love our series because they know if something ain't happening now, it will be in a few minutes, whether it's a wheelie or a huge burnout or a side by side race. So I'd like to be remembered as someone who cared and went the extra mile for the racers.