: Were there things you learned with Carl's races that you were able to incorporate into the PSCA?

MR: Yeah. To be honest with you, the Street Car Supernationals evolved from Carl's race because Carl had THE race on the East Coast, and we had nothing out here on the West Coast. So it's like that was a great idea. We just didn't have anything. So I talked to Carl about it and he was great. He gave me pointers, he's 100% for what we're doing out here. A lot of people say promoters don't care about other promoters. Well Carl actually does. If I needed a mailing list or a racer's name, he's always there to give it to me. He let me advertise at his races when I first started the Street Car Supernationals. Most of our classes were based off of what he already had. So, kudos to Carl for being good to me.

: You had over fifty Pro Street entries for the Street Car Supernationals last year. That's been growing every year for that race. Are racers building race cars specifically for Pro Street and 10.5 Wide on the West Coast as they are on the East Coast?

MR: Yeah, especially in the Pro Street ranks. We had 53 to be exact, and we had 38 Outlaw 10.5 cars. What is cool about the Street Car Supernationals is that there were 28 states and five Canadian provinces represented. That's big for a race on one side of the country.  You know, you put a lot of money up and people want the Las Vegas experience, and that's what the Street Car Supernationals does. It's a four day race: people can come out and not be hurried, and then still have time to go party in Las Vegas, and I think that's what the big draw with this race is. It's the atmosphere of Vegas. We always have a great track, we have the quickest and fastest 32-car Pro Street field in history by over 2 ½ tenths and it gets faster every year.

: How do you see that growing? Is that a once a year event only?

MR: Yeah, it's once a year. And like Carl's World Street Nationals in Orlando, there are people who work all year just to make this one race. It's their shining moment to come out. The race is videotaped, it's on the Internet, and Drag Racing Online all the Internet companies cover this race. If you're going to do something, you do it at the Street Car Supernationals, and everybody will find out.

: Do you plan to expand the PSCA beyond Vegas and Fontana races?

MR: We're in Phoenix as well, but that all depends on the economy. We've had contacts from Colorado, Utah, and the Washington area about having a race, or maybe starting with sanctioning something, start a little sanction series at their racetracks. It's just a "wait and see" with the economy. The economy is going to dictate what we do with expansion.

: Is PSCA signed as an NHRA Alternative Sanctioning Organization?

MR: Yes we are.