As drag racing evolves, there have been some radical twists and turns to get us to this point.  New Series, different classes and exotic engine combinations have brought about some new regional races and series that were never thought of by drag racing pioneers.  One such is the emergence and maturity of fast door car racing and special events like Orlando’s World Street Nationals, the Shakedown at E-Town, the ADRL and the subject of this month’s DRO Innerview; Mel Roth and his Pacific Street Car Association. 

Mel is a hands-on guy who takes a very personal approach to his series and the season ending special event; the Street Car Supernationals at the Strip at Las Vegas.  Mel is usually found standing on the starting line and will often pick up a mop to speed the cleanup process or fielding issues related to the last pair of heads-up racers who had questions.

DRO West Coast Editor, Darr Hawthorne, interviewed Mel Roth during a heavy wind delay of Sunday morning eliminations at Auto Club Dragway at Fontana.

: What's your history in drag racing?

Mel Roth: My first actual race car a '69 Volkswagen Beetle, ran low 13s, at Orange County International Raceway. It was actually at the Bug In a week before the final race at Orange County, so that'll date me back to, what do you think, early '80s? And then after that, I've always been a Mustang man; my father had a '65 Mustang and I've had Mustangs ever since, so if you want to categorize me as anything, I'm a Mustang man.