: Is there any way to realistically reduce the cost of NHRA Pro Stock racing?

Jeg: I really can’t think of any rule change that would really affect the cost of racing and building an NHRA Pro Stocker.

(James Drew photo)

: The NHRA and NASCAR sanctioning bodies -- in both of which JEGS has a major investment -- are significantly down on both their TV ratings and ticket sales. That is a verifiable fact. As a businessman and a fan what do you think needs to be done to revitalize the public and corporate interest in professional auto racing?

Jeg: I don’t know but I think one thing is the price of a ticket. If you are a family of, say, four, the cost of tickets to either an NHRA drag race or a NASCAR Cup race can be pretty expensive. Especially during the change this country is experiencing. The sanctioning bodies present a good product, they just need to fine tune the deal to make it easier and less expensive for their fans to get into the races.

: Do you think that there are too many races on the schedule? That perhaps drag racing is overexposed to the TV viewers?

Jeg: Just personally I think there are too many races. It is just really hard on everyone mentally, physically and financially to race 22 times a year. I think 16 or 17 races a year would make it easier on everyone and the races a little more special to the fans.

: Your dad, Jeg Coughlin Sr., has raced just about every class that the NHRA offers including Top Fuel and Fuel Funny Car. Why did you choose Pro Stock? Is there a chance you might end up in a Top Fuel or Fuel Funny Car in the future?

Jeg: I worked on every car my dad raced when I was a kid, including his nitro cars, and I like them but they aren’t where my heart is as far as racing goes. I’m a Pro Stock guy to the core. I love the smell of nitro but I like the smell of racing gas better. No, I don’t think there is a nitro car in my future -- at least not as a driver.