Jeg drove a Chevy II station wagon and a dragster at Bristol Dragway’s Spring Fling. (Chris Haverly photos)

Having said that, I would like to have seen a little more coverage of Pro Stock qualifying and racing, but I’m a Pro Stock guy so there is never enough Pro Stock coverage to suit me.

: Is there any chance that we may see you compete in NHRA Pro Stock occasionally in 2011?

Jeg: Well, I’ll tell you that Pro Stock racing is what I do. In the sport of drag racing it is my love. As soon as I announced that I wasn’t going to be back driving for the Cagnazzi team in 2011 I started getting calls from other teams with some pretty interesting offers including racing a limited schedule. But the problem is that I’m committed to not race full time next year so it would be really hard for me to commit to a team even on a part time basis. I can say at present I have no plans to race a Pro Stock full time next season. But I will say if the right situation presented itself I could see myself driving a Pro Stocker in one or two races.

: You’ve had so much success already, are there any more goals that you have for yourself in NHRA Pro Stock competition?

Jeg: Well, I have been very fortunate to win NHRA Pro Stock championships, which I think are the hardest championships to win in drag racing. Of course I would like to win another championship but I don’t have any real goals in mind.