: Although they are apparently still making a nice profit, the NHRA, like all racing series, has some attendance and race/race team sponsorship issues. Why and what would you do to fix them?

CW: I haven't a clue whether or not NHRA is making ANY profit.  I learned a long time ago that things are usually not what they appear.  Declining attendance simply tells me the cost to value ratio isn't what it should be for people to either be able to afford it or justify the expense to go.   

: If you could change any current NHRA rule or policy what would that be and why?

CW: While I may have my own thoughts and comments about little things that happen concerning some facet of NHRA I'm just not qualified to know what to change.  Or if changing anything will make much of a difference.  To be completely honest, as I told you I would be in this interview, it's possible the change needs to come from the participant side.  Too many people have unrealistic expectations of what they will, or should get from participating in a NHRA Divisional or National event.  Isn't this painfully apparent when a guy rolls into a NHRA event with a $500,000 motor home, a stacker trailer with two first class cars, a custom golf cart, two scooters and sits around bitching about the purse?  Are you kidding me? If it was really a money problem they would roll with a ten year old pick up truck with a camper shell on it and a well used car on a open trailer.

: Word Association: Tom Compton. 

CW: A gentleman, but perhaps looking for someone more important to shake hands with.      

: Bruton Smith. 

CW: Rolls the dice and not afraid to lose because he knows he can do it all again.

: Graham Light.

CW: Not afraid to make a decision, and not afraid to change it.

: Pro Stock. 

CW: Needs stock hoods and fuel injection.

: Pro Street.

CW: Pro, not street. 

: Bracket Racing. 

CW: Joe Six-pack was late on the tree with a .005. 

: Retirement.

CW: House on the hill in Oregon.

: And the final two questions. First of all, boxers or briefs? 

CW: Depends. 

: What kind of music do you prefer to listen to on a road trip? 

CW: I can't listen to music on a road trip because the coat hanger I was using for the antenna fell off.