: So then you’ll be testing a Saturday night show with rear engined top fuel and funny cars this summer at Famoso Raceway?

BB: Exactly, and I think we can do it.  We are talking about a quicker turnaround time.  Some of the funny car owners can turn around a funny car in as little as forty-five minutes.  Pull the pan, the valve covers off, simple maintenance and simple set-up and this can be done all over the country.  Bob Godfrey does this everywhere, he goes to Utah, Arizona, everywhere and runs his car and he does it on a budget, but he’s having fun doing it.  That is the bottom line, they wanna keep having fun, and I don’t see a lot of, it’s gotten too serious, we want everyone to be able to get out the BBQ, talk to the fans – have a good time and go home happy.  I think we can look at doing a Saturday night show if I can have some rear motored dragsters and some funny cars there, make a few runs, have some sort of shootout on Saturday night and have everyone go home happy.

: Do you think the attraction to nostalgia racing today is the racecars or the drivers?

BB: Wow… I don’t know if it is either.  You know I think the cars are a piece of it, I’m involved in the March Meet and it is more than a drag race, I think it is everything… it’s the feeling you get when you go to a nostalgia drag race helps you, sort of step back in time and the cars help because they look period correct to a certain extent.  You are amongst people who want to be there to experience the same things you are, everything around you makes the event whether it be going down the vendor row or going to the swap meet, looking at the car show cars on display, watching the drag races or just visiting with friends.  You know that there are people that just hang out in the pits and never even watch the cars race; they are just there to catch up on their old friends and lost time.  I think, at least here at Bakersfield – the events we have – the March Meet and the Reunion – I think it drag racing, it is the whole package that we offer that makes for a great weekend out there.  The event can satisfy anybody.

: With the size of the March Meet, can you give an idea of how many people actually come through the gate?

BB: When we are full, like on a Saturday there are only about 15,000 on a Saturday, and we have only 8,500 seats, in fact we are shopping right now for more seating out there, but we don’t want to take away from the one thing we have that is very unique to Famoso is the motorhome parking situation on the East side of the track.  That is very important, very unique to Bakersfield and we want to keep that, so we are trying to add seats without taking motorhome parking away in that area, that is really cool to me.  A full day out there you are looking at 15,000 people… that’s packed.  I know that it looks like there are 100,000 out there, but there are not, I sure wish there was, I wish I could get that kind of a crowd, but there is just no way we could accommodate them.  We are pushing the limits of the City of Bakersfield for restaurants, liquor stores, restaurants, grocery stores and hotel rooms… that’s about all we can handle. We are still a small city, Bakersfield is not that big, I’m guessing maybe 8,500 hotel rooms in the city. That’s not a lot when you figure a big race coming to town.  When the March Meet is here everything is full, it always looks a lot more impressive than it really is out there, there’s a nice crowd, we are happy we are not complaining, but it is not what a lot of people think it is out there.