: With a 426 Mopar-based engine combination?

BB: Exactly, yes.  Pretty much taking the nostalgia funny car tune-up that exists now and putting it in a rear motored 250-inch car and make the engine “happy”… right now the front-motored dragsters are spinning these things so hard to run the numbers.  It’s getting tough for these guys to do that, they are running smaller engines, smaller tires, smaller everything, where a funny car gets a lot of things that are bigger… tires, motor, the whole thing.  We are hoping we take that and put it into a rear motored car and not only that, but create some brand awareness that the funny cars have right now.  When you say the Bubble-up car or Plueger & Gyger funny car, people recognize those cars.  Right now in top fuel we have Jim Murphy’s car is green, Brad Thompson’s car is orange and Brett Harris’ car is red.  I don’t mean to insult these drivers at all, there is just not a historical connection there that the funny cars have now, and they have captured that.  With, “Oh yeah, there’s the Blue Max car,” I know where I was when I was a kid watching those cars and I am trying to bring that back to Top Fuel. Hopefully these guys can bring back the Rain for Rent car, the Minor & Beck car or the Valley Fever car.  Hopefully to bring back that brand awareness that the funny cars have right now.

: How many owners and drivers do you have committed to the new rear engined dragster class?

BB: There’s only a few right now, one called Rick Tucker’s “Utah Charger,” Brad Thompson is currently building a car, and Todd Losenko had his rolling chassis at the Reunion last year.  The problem is that there are people building these cars kind of on their own, what I want to try to do is have some sort of spec with a spec motor, a spec chassis where we can keep it all under control to keep down the costs.  I know it sounds funny that you have to build a new car to save money, but we think the parts are out there, the 426, you can buy these parts, they are everywhere.  You don’t need to buy a $12,000 blower, you can buy cheaper, more affordable and readily available – there’s lots of supply and demand, if the parts are out there the prices are low.

You know, I don’t tune cars, I don’t build cars, and I just look at it from the fan’s standpoint than when they watch funny cars, they are WATCHING funny cars.  The fans are following them, following the drivers and they are five-deep on the fences and they are that deep in the pits.  They are out there walking through the pits, I think it was Steve Evans who was the first to say, “It’s a fiberglass forest out there,” and that is how it looks, it is so cool to look out there and see that.  I don’t want top fuel cars to be left out of this, I want them to be involved in this craze we are experiencing now in nostalgia racing and I think it is going to help to get some of these rear motored cars out there to recreate that great fan excitement, that brand awareness on their side.