: What do you think of NHRA management’s current view of nostalgia racing?

BB: I am real happy with it; I think they have embraced this.  There was a time when we had nothing and it wasn’t NHRA’s fault.  I personally think they saved the nostalgia sport, the first year that we (Blake and John Bowser) ran the March Meet alone and there was no series at all, and NHRA stepped-up and so have the tracks.  Now we have Boise onboard, Speedworld, Fontana, Sacramento and Las Vegas, I’m happy with what they have done and I am not saying that because we are an NHRA track.  NHRA leases this property and we sub-lease from them, but I think they have done a great job embracing the sport.  They have enough problems themselves, spiraling cost going out of control in the Big Show, but for them to take the time to deal with this and maintain the rules and help us design a series, I am happy with that, I’m thankful they have done that.

: Have you heard of any major changes to the nostalgia fuel car rules for 2010?

BB: I know they (NHRA Tech) are working with the AA/Supercharged class to get them a little tighter, all the efforts we are looking at, and I am part of the rules committee myself; I am on the committee with Danny Gracia, Mike Rice and other track operators and others.   We are trying to cap the costs now, anything we can do to control the costs is important, because we want this to be somewhat of a hobby – however I know that is just about impossible to do with drag racing as a whole, but we want to keep nostalgia racing more of a hobby than a profession.  Costs we see as a threat, the expense to go out and run a modern day top fuel car, as you see with the amount of cars showing up for events.  We want them to be popular, we want good car counts and truthfully we are getting there in some categories, front motored top fuel is getting there and AA/Gas is getting there and we are working with them to try and control some of their costs.  So major changes, nothing major, just attempts to control the cost that are going crazy out there.

: Since Auto Club Famoso Raceway has become such a mecca for nostalgia racing, do you see a time when you might be able to bring back some kind of Saturday night nitro show in addition to the March Meet, Drag Fest and the California Hot Rod Reunion?

BB: That’s a good question, I don’t know.  I think the March Meet, Drag Fest and the Reunion spoil us, because it just works, it satisfies a niche.  I don’t know, it’d be tough with the turnaround time that front motored top fuel cars need now to do a Saturday night show.  The funny cars could do it, but that leads us to what you know we are doing is a rear motored top fuel class – we are writing some rules right now for nostalgia rear motored dragster so we would be able to pull of a Saturday night show, with short turn around time, keep the fans entertained and do an 8-car show all in one night.